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These pages are maintained by me. I can be contacted by emailing and while I have other addresses, this one will last as long as the web pages, so is a good bet.


The Sam Coupé Scrapbook first came into existance sometime around the start of November 1994, so as far as I am aware that makes it the first web site dedicated to the Sam.

It has resided on 3 different servers so far. The original location was Southampton Uni's Electronics and Computer Science undergrad server. Denying my CompSki side, I moved it to my home space on the main Southampton Uni server in October 1995. Sometime over the Summer of 1996, due to me graduating, it moved again to its current home on


The aim of these pages is to provided a complete source of information about the Sam Coupé. While this is a grand task, and one I will never complete, most other Sam related pages are very personal, and only provided a small level of general information, and the Scrapbook is a nice balance to these. Other pages are generally just about the work of the author, and maybe some basic "What is a Sam" content - the Scrapbook contains information about the work of everyone, even if in just a small mention.

It is also the aim that these pages should be completely impartial, and not reflect any bias. The only place where such bias may exist is in reviews of products but I'm happy to add additional reviews if you believe one is being unfair. The pages are non-commercial, I have nothing to gain from what I write, although I will include company addresses at request.


Thanks most go out to everyone who has supplied information for me to put up but particular credits should go to the following:

It should be noted that any pages containing content directly supplied by someone other than myself will credit that source at the top.

More recently I'd like to thank:

Technical Stuff

These pages are written and stored on a stand-alone machine. Amended pages are uploaded to the real server whenever I next go online.

The Games/Utils/Hardware/Misc/People lists are generated from a set of tables using Perl Scripts. If I'm ever allowed CGI scripts I hope to provide some sort of search functionality.

I believe HTML isn't a typesetting language, and as such try to keep my HTML basic and non-browser specific. My pages should not need any "Minimum Specifications" of browser type. I view my pages using both Mozilla and Links for any obvious errors.

Who am I?

The brief bio: I am Tim Paveley. I bought my Sam in Feb 1990 when I was 14. I've written quite a few things for FRED. I've written as "Tizo" of "Tizosoft", as myself, and more recently as "Unc" of "Sad Snail Productions". I've attended a good selection of the Gloucester Shows, but not managed to get to any further north. I subscribe to the sam-users mailing list, although I tend not to post very often. I'm an advocate of the ftp site. My belief is that the future of the Sam involves sticking SimCoupé and images of every sam disk ever sold on one big CD and selling it cheap (but I'm also a realist and doubt this will ever happen).

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