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- Review of SAM Paint

Information provided by: Tim Paveley

Let me state this now. I like SAM Paint, and I never really liked Flash! so basically I'm going to tell you to buy SAM Paint.

So what's so good about SAM Paint?

Lot's of things, most of which I'll probably miss out. For a start it is designed to be used with a mouse, (though not necessary), it has a lot nicer front end, and lots more features, which I'll try and list.

How can you tell I quoted some of those without really knowing what they do?

There is lot's of other stuff as well, it's packed with features, and even a completely hopeless artist like me can get some pretty groovy effects out of it.

SAM Paint only really uses MODE 4, and MODE 3 to some extent. Though screen conversions are avaliable.

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