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- Review of Outwrite

Information provided by: Steven Pick

How about this, eh? A review of Outwrite, written on Outwrite itself!! (then ported and htmlised using MicroEMACS, but the thought was there - Tim) This also means, I can show you it's features, etc! I usually write reviews on a word processor, and to tell you the truth, my word processor was CRAP! Letters were repeated, crap keypress, limited space, etc. Now Outwrite has arrive, we can kiss my problems goodbye, and format the crappy old disk! Outwrite was written by the lads at Chezron Software, where the long running Outlet disk/tape mag has been running.

(Published by Chezron, Written by Robert Wilkinson - Tim)

I can say that the word processor is well worth the money! Now then - a first! A review done on the software I am reviewing it on!! For a start, there are a huge amount of fonts to choose from, including Amiga, Greek, Gothic, Normal, etc. all of which can be loaded onto the wordprocessor itself. The top of the screen tells you the file length, the page number the insert, wrap, justify and caps status, and column position! By tapping INV, you get 2 Help pages, without you refering to the manual! The function keys play a role as well, F0 tells you the amount of words, F1 justifies the line... oh, some of you don't know what justify is? I'll show you!!

Justify      fits       spaces       between          words,          like         this           sentence,        folks!
(I hate justify - this is centred text)

Also there's word wrap, which I can also demonstrate - Word wrap, allows you to wrap words around lines of text - oops! This is a PC package... er..! I also hate Wordwrap, but this suits all tastes... Also, you can use EDIT as a Function Mode, and tap a key, for Saving, Loading, (Oh, you can also load files from Tasword, and other processors which save code as ASCII (all of em!!!)), Inserting words, Merge text files (pretty damned useful to disk mag editors....), Print the page or file, Quit, Change printer options, Enter blocks to files.... The list is endless, and Outwrite will appeal to all of you SAM owners, whetever it be writing a diary, or a novel!

Overall - 94%

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