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The Producers
- Fred Publishing

Fred Publishing is probably one of the best known names in the Sam World, originally run by Colin MacDonald. Fred started out publishing a Monthly Diskzine. On Issue #3 they it included a version of Tetris by "Lord Insanity", this was an impressive version of the game, and gained Fred some impressive reviews.

Fred took it's first steps in the world of commericial games, by publishing Impatience, a collection of 2 puzzle games including the very addictive Triltex. Fred released a steady stream of software from that point on.

The biggest release however was in 1993, when Fred gained the rights to publish a Sam version of Lemmings. At the same time, they also released SamPaint, an art package packed with features.

Towards the end of Fred's life, Colin spent time travelling abroad, and "Fred" was taken on by Darren Wileman. At the same time, interest in the Sam started to decline, and both Fred's contribution pile and subscriber base dwindled. It became uneconomic to continue producing, and so it ceased publication. This was a messy time in Fred's history, with no information being passed onto the subscribers.

A last ditch attempt was made to resurrect Fred, and issue 84 was published under the title "FredDisk", in amongst some confusion of who owned the rights to what. As far as I am aware no further issues were produced.

The rights to Fred were finally passed to Persona, never having reached that golden issue 100.

Disk images of all Fred disks are available from the ftp site.

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