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The Producers
- Format Publications

Format is probably one of the best known names in the Sam World, run by Bob Brenchly. Format started off as the monthly magazine of INDUG, but at some point this distinction became blurred, at least to me. INDUG was a group set up to support M.G.T.'s diskdrives for the Spectrum, and expanded it's remit when the Sam came along.

As well as publishing the FORMAT magazine, Format have obtained the rights to publish several pieces of software, as well as items such as the Sam Technical Manual. They have acted as agents for Revelation, and West Coast Computers. This has fueled various rumours about who West Coast actually are, and possible relationships with Format. As far as I am aware, such speculation has never been confirmed or denied.

Format used to organise a Sam and Spectrum show around every 6 months on the outskirts of Gloucester. The last show was in 1998 and had a very poor turnout.

Format also attempted to get into the PC market, with the release of FormatPC, which was aimed as a friendly magazine for new PC users.

Recently little has been heard from Format, and Bob is no longer a regular poster to the sam-users mailing list. Unfortunately poor health has been given as a reason for this absense.

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