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- What is a Sam Coupe?

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Graham Goring (ruthlessly stolen from the FAQ) -

The SAM Coupe is a much loved, much sweared at computer, that is both an ideal starter's computer, pretty good home-business computer and great games playing computer.

It was launched in 1989 amongst much hype in the Sinclair computer mags of the day, and was seem by most to be the ideal upgrade from the humble Speccy (spectrum).

This unfortunatley got it branded as a super-spectrum which (although I love the spectrum dearly, and still have my +2a) is a nasty and degrading thing to call it.

The SAM is a very powerful 8-bit (the most powerful in fact) that beats such things as Commodes (sorry, Commodores) into the ground. It is blessed with a good range of colours, a decent resoloution (256x192 pixels in modes 1,2 and 4. 512x192 pixels in mode 3) and a nice, if awkward sound chip.

The SAM represented some very clever technical thinking, one thing was the fact that the original specs for the SAM had it with only 64 colours, but thanks to clever thinking, the makers managed to cram twice as many on to the ULA.

Another particularly notable aspect of the SAM is that the slim-line slot-in disk drives are about the smallest you can buy (although they aren't made any more) and the second fastest floppy drives in the world.

All in all, the SAM Coupe is a very good computer to buy. And I love it.

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