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- Review of Vegetable Vacatio

Information provided by: Graham Goring

Oh dear. This game came out at almost the same time as the SAM, and it shows. The sound is screechy, the controls slightly sluggish and some situations in the game are almost impossible to get out of.

It all revolves round you (and Tomato with wings and a ball orbitting your body - it get's odder) flying round a castle, trying to get opbjects to use in some other place. Now the thing that cripples the game, is it's gimmick.

You can only control your character when he is touching a wall, as soon as you become detached you can only sit back and home that he gets to another wall before he hits some nasty. If it weren't for that, this could be a decent 'explore and map' game. But the fact that you have to have leaps of faith all the time (which mostly end up in you dying horribly) means that exploration of a previously unseen area will normally end up in a little 'Game Over' message being displayed on the screen.

Luckily, to slightly combat this, you do have an ample supply of lives at the start, but I feel that less lives and an energy bar would have been better.

This game is a missed opportunity. With a little fore-thought and planning I would have loved it. Shame.

Graphics       78% - Clear, odd, and quite easy on the eye.
Addictivity    67% - Too frustrating to keep you glued.
Instant Appeal 66% - The blaring music, and slightly sluggish controls don't
                     exactly make you too happy with your first go on this
Sound          60% - Erk. This game was made before Sound Machine or E-Tracker,
                     consequentially it sounds like 4 dozen hamsters being
                     slowly grated.
Overall        62% - So close, yet so far. Bum.

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