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- Review of Splat!

Information provided by: Graham Goring

Aha! A game I can review and explain in about one paragraph. Hurrah!

You play the part of a little green blob that has to eat all the greenery and food that he can on a largish map. You can move about the screen as you wish, but impacting on any walls or water results in your immediate death.

Meanwhile the screen scrolls away in a set pattern, meaning that you can get trapped in innaccessable places quite easily and you will often have to make speed retreats when the screen suddenly decides to change direction.

And that is it. Okay then, 2 paragraphs.

Graphics       14% - Terrible, but they don't need to be good. Hardly an
                     improvement on the Speccy original.
Addictivity    75% - Soooo simple, and playable to boot. But may not last
                     that long.
Instant Appeal 93% - Easier to get into than a pair of greased pyjamas.
Sound          86% - Nice tune, and a sampled 'Yippee!' at the end of every
Overall        78% - Easy to become addicted to, but it won't offer long-term
                     gaming. But at around 4 quid, who cares?

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