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- Review of Prince of Persia

Information provided by: Justin Ash

Persia is a town on the verge of total chaos. People are running through the streets with massive sandwich boards stating the end of the world is nigh, and everyone is busy preparing their hangman's nooses for... well, you know. And no! It isn't because they've run out of Turkish Delight (ha, ha) or a more realistic reason like Don't Forget Your Toothbrush has ended. Nope! Simply put, the Grand Vizier (eh?) of the King of Persia has stolen the reins of power, and told the King where to go. Because you're an outspoken sort of chap, you end up being chucked into the deepest, darkest dungeon of the King. You also have a thing for the King's Daughter, but we won't go into that soft stuff...

Your beloved Princess has been locked away herself in the highest dungeon the evil Vizier bloke could put her, leaving you with at least something to aim for in your quest to overthrow the Vizier and snog the Princess. Meanwhile, the Vizier is busy trying to persuade the Princess to marry him. She has one hour to decide, or she dies! Personally, I would rather go home and play on my SAM, but looks like I have to be the hero - again!

Playing the hero, you have to negotiate a network of 13 huge dungeons, jumping huge caverns, dodging falling ceiling and wonky floors, opening doors, fighting skeletons and guards, and snogging the Princess! The fighting bit of the action has to begin when you find a handy sword at the other end of the first level. It's no good fighting the guards without a sword - though it does look funny when you try to jump over them!

Once this is done, you have to find the exit and escape the level, each one loading quickly from disk. As the levels progress, there are more and more things to fight and avoid, including bad potions (you can't see that they're bad, ho, ho), massive falls, metal blades - which you have to time precisely, skeletons which are indestructible - except for a nasty fall, and even a fight with yourself! Confused? I know I was! When you fight, fall too far, etc. you may lose one of your three energy points. These can be replenished by collecting potions, and you are against a one hour time limit.

Well, what can I say? Chris White has worked a rather fine miracle in programming Prince. The animation of the main character is faultless, and is as realistic as you can get. Okay, so there is very little detail to the main character, but when he's moving, you won't seem to notice it! The game is a tad hard to get into first off, but soon you'll be playing with the best of them! In short - if you want to be impressed to the hilt then get Prince. You will NOT regret it!

Presentation 96% Playability 97%
Addictiveness 94% Lastability 95%

Overall 95%

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