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- Review of Lemmings

I really don't see why I should bother to explain about Lemmings, since it is available on most popular systems. Oh well here goes!

The object of Lemmings is to help guide a pack of cute but dumb lemmings across a series of different landscapes. Your basic lemming is rather dumb. It just keeps walking forwards until it either can't go any furthur and it turns around, or it dies by ie falling into some water.

However, you are allowed to give some of these Lemmings, carefully selected skills, ie to dig through scenery, or fall great heights. Though the number of skills you may give out are strictly limited.

The aim is simply to use these skills to get a percentage of lemmings across each level to thier 'home'. You have loads of levels, of varying difficulties, and occasionally get unusual traps and things to get past.

Lemmings is a great game, the animation is wonderfully smooth and cute, and the tunes are perfect lift muzak. So how does it compare to other versions? Well, naturally it is slightly slower than some versions. But then the Sam is slightly less powerful than an ARM 3! It is however still perfectly playable. There is quite a bit of disk access, which can get slightly tedious between levels, but it's not that bad, and is all on one disk, so at least there is no disk swapping.

Oh yes, and I may as well write it here that the "Oh No! More Lemmings" expansion pack is now also available.

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