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- Review of Klax

Information provided by: Steven Pick

My ST owning neighbour is currently flurting to me his copy of KLAX, and shouting out how good it is! When suddenly, the postie arrives with my sack of mail-and what's this? Why the SAM Coupe version! Yeeesss... Imagine if you would, a long conveyor belt, in some deserted forest(or anywhere else!). Add a widget to put a load of different coloured blocks into lines(or KLAXES!), and you get a recipe for an addictive puzzle game!

You have to place these blocks, so they land on the Dropmeter, in lines of 3 to 5! These disappear, till you get to the desired Klax count, then on to another well drawn ST screen! Actually, this got me in a bit of trouble, as I was meant to be revising! Ah, well! Hmmm, looks like Enigma Variations have done it again! A brillantly original and addictive puzzle game, which moves at a fair whack, and will leave my nights on the computer sleepless! (There go my Friday nights out...!).

Graphics 94% Sound 92%
Instant Appeal 95% Lastability 93%

Overall - 94%

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