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- Review of Impatience

Information provided by: Steven Pick

Hooray! At long last, the Samdisk office recieves a huge pack! Yes, we have in our midst the first ever release from FRED... Colin Macdonald's new software house, Fredsoft! On this pack, is a feast of code for all puzzle addicts and arcade junkies alike! There are 2 games - Triltex, and Viking. Both can be played by mouse or keys, which is a very good thing for SAMCo as more software should be mouse compatible.

Viking Game

This game was played by Vikings you know! (So it sez on the inlay package!). Seriously though, the game is set so two players can play! And with two players, things can get very hairy indeed, as you capture your other players pieces! The plot is that the black pieces are around the outside of the board, while in the centre is a cluster of white pieces surrounding a king! To capture a piece, 2 pieces should sandwich the opposing piece while it takes 4 to capture the king (Because he's a mean bloke!). The king has to go to one of the corner pieces to win! Music-wise, there is a good ditty which plays at the start. Also the layout is good, with more than functional graphics. An excellent 2 player game!


Here we go! When Samdisk first grabbed the Triltex demo, we were rather impressed by it (although it had 3 levels). But now, we have the superb finished version, which is worth the 10 quid you are paying! The plot is that on each screen, you have to clear the screen of tiles. The tiles in question are stacked, so you have to move your cursor over the blocks, and click onto identical blocks to make them disappear. Things get worse with added "attractions" like mystery squares, flip-over squares, turn-through-an-angle squares, bomb squares (guess what these do!), and so on! Every 4 levels, you get to play a special bonus screen, where you have to clear the screen to get lots of points! The time limit on the other screens doesn't end your go once it ends! Yes, you can play forever on a screen, though the time limit is there for you to beat and receive much-needed lives. If you do pass the bonus screen, you are given a line of 5 blocks (a passcode) so you can play on the level you finished! In a nutshell, this game is brilliant! The music is excellent (as it is by F.Fuka of Fuxoft - he did the SCPDSA music, Hexagonia music, Shanghai, etc.etc.!), as is the fab presentation. The graphics are great too. Clear and colourful!

On both Triltex and Viking, the cursor movement is silky smooth which helps on both games! All in all, Impatience is a fantastic first release from Fredsoft! Any puzzle fans out there (Anyone who reads Samdisk regularly knows I am!) should buy this straight away!! And Triltex boasts 25 levels, which doesn't seem much, but wait until you play level 1!!

Presentation 94% Playability 95%
Addictiveness 96% Coupe Power 92%

Overall - 94%

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