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- Review of Hexagonia

Information provided by: Steven Pick

YIPPEE! This is the game to buy if you want to see my lovely artwork on the front cover of the game! It should be out now, so go out and buy it-because it's fab! Now onto the review...

In this game, you have to join atoms together to make compounds, which you can see in full by pressing ENTER. You then have to place these pieces to form that structure. If any of you have actually done GCSE Chemistry, and have played around with those plastic models, it's just like that! You control a hand, which zooms around the screen. You then have to 'pull' pieces together. One problem is that they can only move in 4 directions, on that axis! Adding to the problems, there are bouncers which give you your pieces back, blocks which an only be hit a certain number of times before disintegrating, and even invisible dangers! There are also double bonds, so you chemists will love this, and won't have to revert back to the INFO screen!!

The graphics are pretty good, if a little Spectrumy (though the game is coming out on the Speccy soon!), but the actual music which accompanies the title and info screens is nothing short of fantastic! It's done by the guys at FUXOFT (Yes, from the SCPDSA demo!!) and it really is a tune to toe tap to!

Presentation 93% Addictiveness 98%
Lastability 96% Coupe Power 90%


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