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- Review of Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters

Information provided by: Steven Pick

Yes! At last, Escape comes to the SAM, and boy is it tasty! The story revolves around a Lost In Space plot, about two hardened soldiers, JAKE and DUKE. They are briefed, and must go to PLANET X, where they must rescue the lovely Professor Sarah Bellum, or else the evil Reptilians get to destroy the Earth!! So, you, or another Samster (it's 2 player), must rampage round the 3D screens and destroy the robots, and rescue a few billion fair madiens!

As the game progresses, you meet a giant End of Level Reptilian! Yikes... Well, I must admit, the graphics on the SAM for this are BRILLIANT! The music which plays throughout is also toe-tapping, and the control method, though quirky to begin with gets a lot better with practice! The game is full of neat animations as well - like if you fall off a platform, you hang for a short wait until you leap up! Though I was a little disappointed at the intro from the Spectrum, but the rest - BRILLIANT! Get it NOW...

Graphics 93% Sound 91%
Instant Appeal 84% Lastability 96%

Overall 91%

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