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- Review of Bulgulators

Information provided by: Steven Pick

Those blokes from ESI are up to their programming prowess again, but this time in the vein of at last writing games. So then, what is Bulgulators all about? Despite the mad name, The Bulgulators (let's call it Bulg for spelling's sake) is actually a jazzed up 90's version of that popular classic, Pacman! This conversion is needed as SAM hasn't got anything in the way of a Pacman game just yet, and this one is much improved on the 80's classic!

To make the game fit into the Ninities, the programmers have done several things to make sure it appeals to the computer generation we know and (ahem) love today. For a start, you can just about make out the white outline maze against the wacky backgrounds, and of course, the ghosts which faithfully turn blue when Paccy eats a power pill before they are swallowed and turn to a pair of floating eyes.As for Paccy himself, he has strangely undergone a metamorphisis into a...gasp!- ladybird from hell, which farts every time he is caught by a ghost (well, it sounds like farting...). But wait! There are some twists in the genre for Bulgulators. This includes the prominence of one way exits, two way exits on either side of the screen, and the frustrating doors which need keys to be accessed. The presentation is lovely, with some rather smart music, and there are 100 levels to chomp your way through, so it is rather lasting - increased even more by a password system, which looks easy to crack (only THREE letters - a few hundred or so possibilities!).

The only problem here, though, is the background. Each level has a different background, and each level ensures that it is rather difficult to see the smaller pills. This makes some attempts of the game incredibly difficult as you wonder where the last pill is hiding. If there was a simple option to get rid of the ever-changing and sometimes garish background, this would get a higher mark.

So then, in short, if you are still pining for Pacman after 10 years, then go ahead and get this to bring back the memories. Those sick and tired of puzzle games, but getting a little weary of unoriginal games on the Coupe (like I am) who want to have a few weeks of fun, get this!

Graphics - 64% Playability - 70%
Sound - 73% Lastability - 60%

Overall - 67%

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